Tricks or tips for removing 62 door panels

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Feb 8, 2007
Clermont FL
I Have 2 '62's one is mint and the other is not as nice but here's the thing. The not so nice on has an awesome interior. I would like to upgrade some panels, map pockets, switches but not if I'm gonna
Fu(k up the nice one. Can it be done and returned to perfect stock condition or should I live with what I have? Would anyone notice my dirty little secret? Thanks!:eek:
Buy A Tool

Snap-On & Equalizer sell excellent panel removal tools. The cheap ones in JC Witless are not excellent.

The trick is to find where the "clips" are & get right around them before you try to lever them out. You need to take the arm rests, latch levers, & window cranks off 1st (different tool) & remove any screws (usually at the bottom).
The door panels aren't difficult to take out and put back. Carefully pop out one plug at a time as you work from side to side. The plastic underneath can also be pulled up out of the way without requiring new tape for re installation, unless you're completely ham fisted. By all means, do the swap! I'd like to have some new door panels for the front doors myself. My 62 is pretty much rust free, but there's cracking in the top edge of the panels due to excessive sunshine in its former location.
You should be able to take the entire interior out in a couple of hours, working carefully. If you also remove the seats, the carpets come up easily. Swapping the whole thing between trucks should be no problem.
To remove the window winders try a piece of loose weave material, slide it between the winder and the plastic spacer thingy. Move the material in a circular motion around the winder, this will pick up one end of the c-clip and unclip it. Save having to buy a special tool and once you know how, IMO, is easier. Sometimes the c-clip can sring out, so keep an eye on it.
Hope this helps.


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