Triangle Monthly Meeting - July 6th, 2016 - 7:00pm @ Tyler's Taproom

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Rum Runnin'
Apr 18, 2005
Durham, NC
This month we'll be in Apex to change it up. One week from today, at 7:00pm.

Post up if you can go! See everyone soon!
I'll be in Wilmington all next week, or I'd be there.
Should be there as well!
I will be out of town :(
Will be in KC.
I may be in town then
I'll be there.
I'll be there.
I'm free tonight, so I'll be there!
Was late to work as i drove the corolla half way and realized this was tonight! Cruiser is a better drive anyways.
Sorry fellas. Something came up and I can't make it tonight. Have an Herb Chicken Sandwich and garlic fries for me!
Had fun!

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It was awesome that Shaun could make it out, all the way from Weddington!

As always, an awesome group of people and great turnout last night!

What's funny is that after years of going there (literally years) the manager pulled me aside last night to ask what group we were with and how often we came out. He was somewhat surprised when I said "well between here and rally point in cary", but was happy none the less.

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