TREK FUEL 90 FS 2002 Shimano XT 17.5"

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see above
Rob no worries he is a great guy and I think he is just trying to hit up someone local

Thanks for your response. I do know you, you do not know me that I know of or Matt. I think this matter has been settled. I am sorry your children had to go through this. I assure you we are a good group of guys but again you just do not know all of us and we do not know you. Next time you are at an event please look us up and introduce yourself, I will even buy you a beer! Cam vouched for you , that is good enough in my book.

Rob Matzell
President BBRC

No issue here. I found where I need to post for classified items. It's good to see that you guys have a strong LC club. My only beef is that my boys share my interest with MUD, and the 80. I really dislike explaining the ugliness of PM that I received about a hobby which we love. Next time I'll tread lighter-lesson learned.


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