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Tree trimming - don't cut the branch you're standing on

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by stayalert, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. stayalert

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    Sep 28, 2004
    Norwich, VT
    or the one that is tangled in vines.

    I called a friend yestyerday morning thinking he might like to join us for some paddling...there was a pause..."um Rob, I broke my back"

    WTF? the short version is that he was helping a neighbor cut some branches off a tree. He was 25' above ground level ona ladder secured to the tree. The branch he cut was supported by a rope to facilitate lowering it after it was cut. The rope supporting the branch was handled by the neighbor who was on the ground....My friend cut the branch that was tangled in vines. once it was cut it swung like a pengelum (he siad it was like being hit by a battering ram) and knocked my friend off the ladder.

    I went to visit him at home and I was approaching the house thinking oh here we go he'll be in bed candles lit his wife and two daughters sobbing sitting next to him.....he's mobile, and has a brace preventing his head from moving...he's damn lucky to be alive let alone in the shape he's in. could have been worse in alot of ways....he was joking around and saying he'd be back to work in a day two....you should have seen the classic :rolleyes: look his wife was wearing

    his brace is hard white plastic and he looks like a freaking storm trooper....

    He also said "If you had been there you would have stopped us and had us reassess how we were doing it." So he's six-8 weeks in the brace and then who knows....prolly would have taken an extra 15 minutes to free the stupid branch of vines and think through what would happen when it got cut.