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Apr 10, 2008

I found a used supercharger for $1500. It wont fit my 1997 Fzj80 but...

Is it a good deal? Any thing I should be aware of so i dont end up with a lemon?

TRD 3.4L SUPERCHARGER KIT Main Assembly and Installation Kit

Part Number PTR26-89020
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If thats the part# then it is for the V6 Tacoma , she no fit the landcruiser:frown:
If i could get it for less say $1200 could I sell it for a profit? Whats the goign used market rate on these?
I'd check out the classifieds here to get an idea. IIRC someone had one for sale out of a 4runner recently. There was also one in San Diego IIRC that was for sale last year. I'm sure you coud still find the threads. I think the recent one went for a few hundred because it needed a bit of work. The other one was listed for around 800-1000.
500-700 for a 3.4 super charger used on Craigslist consistently around Socal. Thats if it doesnt need a rebuild.
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