TRD SE or TT SE? Which one?

TRD SE or TT SE FJ? WHich one do you have?

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I know there are at least 4 TRDs here in Austin as I see them each everyday on the way to and from work and there are two TT's sitting on a dealer lot here in town.
I'm with you tddfj. Unless you really have to have the color scheme and the badges on the SE, or you are a collector, I don't see the point. All of the upgraded parts on the SE are things that most people who mod are going to replace right away. So, If you are going to modify your FJ, it seems silly to pay extra and have to wait for a SE when you are going to get rid of the parts that make it an SE in the first place!

So I am building my own TT (Trail Trouncing) FJ.
I agree with getting a plain FJ although I also understand getting a TRD or TT because the paint schemes are pretty cool.
you can buy a sandstorm FJ.....your own tires...lift...rock rails....just get it with convenience group and upgrade 1 or 2...and you got the basics. The rest you do yourself and make it with your personality....

Or you could get a Special Edition and make IT original. I wouldn't trade my TRD SE for anything. The all-black look works awesome with the modding I wanted to do and as a guy who is in the industry, I can tell you that if you have one, you'll get back all the extra you paid for it...and some. The resale on the special edition models is terrific.
TRD SE for me

I love my TRD SE, black on black looks good and most mods come in black as well. I do agree with the coment about why pay extra for something you're going to mod. However in my case first you buy your FJ, do some moderate rock crawling, get hooked, and then start spending $$$ to make more fun. Those cheapy plastic bumpers had to go first for me.
Just to clear up any confusion to my original post/poll. This thread was only intended to ask who has one of the SE FJ that came out. If I offended anyone with a non SE then I apologize. That was not my intention. Modifications for me may far and few in between. This is a vehicle that I just want to drive and enjoy the way it sits. Maybe down the line I may get the itch again but after everything I went through with the mods on my Tacoma and the $ I lost, I'd rather not go through that again for awhile.
We just picked up our (My fathers) TT today. It's more fun to drive than I expected.
Here she is in the driveway.

I have the TT SE and really like the white color but I would have preferred the all black 07' color scheme. I went with the SE because it came with most every option, and its unique with the white on white. I dont plan on ever selling it (already had one offer!) but Im certain that it will hold its value. I live in the Boise Idaho area and know of 2 others that were sold locally.
I Have the TRD. I love it! I clean it very often because the black shows so much dirt. I can't wait to get my mirrors, door handles, and bezel painted. Someday soon I hope ;)

I've seen 2 TRD's here in Colorado Springs, that's about it though.
I have the TRD SE and I love it......

IMO, the black on black motif is awesome.
Each of the TRD SE options on the truck would have been the options I would have put on the vehicle had I bought it and had $$ to waste.
I agree with the earlier post that much of the investment that it would take to paint a roof etc. would be lost in the resale arena.
Getting it all in a tastefully presented, in an affordable package and have it be a limited edition as well; was like iceing on the cake.
You dont buy the cake for the iceing but it is a nice to have!!
If someone offered a brand new TT edition to me, and my TRD was in the shape it was at birth (aka no modications but had 20k+ miles on it) I still wouldn't take the TT. You simply can't beat black on black. And when you paint the mirrors and the bumpers just looks flat out mean. White can't do that, at least not for me. Alas, if I couldn't get my hands on one of the TRD ses...I prob wouldn't have an FJ, I don't dig the white roof at all, and it just looks ugly with black and a white roof.
You realize that this is an FJC forum and there is only one model that doesn't have a white top ...
You realize that this is an FJC forum and there is only one model that doesn't have a white top ...

Did I give you the impression that I didn't? :confused:

I said "If I couldn't get my hands on the TRD then I wouldn't have an FJ at all, I don't dig the white roof" doesn't that imply that there is ONE edition that has the black roof that I like?

Anyway, the main problem with black is touch the hood and you'll get burnt around this time (summer) o_O. Car gets so hot that when you sit inside it after it's been sitting outside you can actually HEAR the metal creaking due to heat.

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