Traveling to Oregon looking for trails

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Sep 4, 2013
I’m going to be taking my West Coast cruiser through Northern California and then much of Oregon. Planning to take a few weeks. I will be camping at Little crater lake campground, and diamond Lake Campground. Those are the only two that I have figured out so far. I will be traveling with my wife and kids.
I will be driving my West Coast cruiser. 97. Monster lined, 2 inch lift on 285’s. The vehicle is plenty capable, but I also need to get home. I am good at calculating risk so far. ARB with a winch. Overall, well-maintained.

I am interested in finding some remote trails. Mountain views, plateaus, waterfalls, switchbacks, and some good rock hunting always sounds good.

Would be great to find some great new places. If anyone is up for a trail ride for a day or two, it’s always good to have company.
I'm considering this drive, looks like I get altitude, views, maybe snow if we get lucky... Anybody familiar with this area?


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