transmission transfer case spacers

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Jun 25, 2015
Trying to get my 78 back together and it's been a while since I took it apart. And I apparently didn't take enough pics. Attached pic shows 2 spacers on the output shaft. 2 different diameters. I've also searched mud and looked at some various parts diagrams and am confused.
Do both go on the output shaft and if so is this the correct order.
Thanks in advance.
lets try this again. pic attached.

photo (5).JPG
Thanks. So they are in the correct place and order.
The input gear goes first, the then the PTO spacer (wider one), then the rear bearing and behind the that the other spacer. Washer and crush nut after that. If I'm wrong hopefully someone corrects me.
Sorry John, not this time. First spacer spans the thickness of the adapter plate behind the trans. The second MAY be the PTO spacer. Or it could be the tailshaft spacer behind the input bearing. Have to see those two side by side to tell.
The factory H41/2 transmissions use a cast "adapter" that joins the factory transfer case to the rear of the transmission.

There is a "gear stop" or "spacer" that fits onto the output shaft of the transmission against the rear output bearing of the transmission and positions the transfer case input gear away from the adapter and front portion of the transfer case and aligns the transfer case input gear with the idler gear in the transfer case.

It would appear to me that the larger diameter spacer pictured next to the transmission output bearing would, in fact, be in the correct location. This "spacer" or "gear stop" is significantly different than the "spacers" found to replace the PTO gear inside the case, or the one on the very end of the transmission output shaft, under the six bolt, rear PTO cone cover.
In this picture from the H41/Orion thread in the FAQ, you can see the adapter plate and the gear stop/spacer...


Here are the internal PTO spacer and rear PTO spacer:



I know this is an old thread. Does anyone sell these spacers? I am working on 4 speed to 3 speed transfer case and need the spacers. Thanks in advance

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