Transmission & Transfer Case fill plugs?

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Apr 6, 2003
Tomball, TX
Another FJ40 Newbie stumbling his way through a lube change. Just drained the transmission and transfer case and need to refill. I believe that I've found the fill plug for the transmission, but cannot seem to find one for the transfer case? Am I not seeing something or do they somehow share a common fill plug? If I'm not mistaken, I think that the fill plug is in the top left quadrant of the transmission when viewing from the rear of the vehicle. :dunno:
you can't really miss it, it's on the back side, a big plug with a 24mm hex head or something... Same size as the drain plug IIRC...
not shure on yours but my 79 4spd the thans fill plug is on the drivers side almost in the middle of the side it angles up good luck
That is where I thought my transmission fill plug was KC Chevota, but that confirms it - thanks. Still can't seem to see the one for the transfer case. &nbsp:Definitely don't see anything on the backside of the transfer case the that is the same size as the drain plugs?
On my 79 and 69 t-case the fill plug is on the back of the case. The fill plug on mine were not the same size as the drain plug, they were 19mm i think. The fill plug is directly below the tranny output shaft cover and are recessed in the case, so maybe yours are covered with mud etc.
Good Luck
Thanks - think I got it. Either that or I just put quite a bit of 80W-90 somewhere else in the transfer case! I was looking for a plug the same size as the drain plug but now realize that it is about 2/3 the size. :G

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