Transmission Selection

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Apr 11, 2003
Hermiston, Oregon
I would like to get some imput on the pros and cons of transmissions. I have had the TLC 3 speed before and had no problems with it. I upgraded to the TLC 4 speed with the intentions of getting a higher gear for the highway but I didn't research it enough to find out that what you get is a lower 1st gear and the same top gear. Is the 4 speed really any better than the 3 speed. I know that the 3 speed has 10 splines verses the 16 spline of the 4 speed and that they say the transfer cases are quieter on the 4 speed but they both sound the same to me. Is there any great benifits with going with a 350 or 400 turbo automatic transmision besides not having to shift. &nbsp:Do automatics pose a greater heating problem. Any info would be great. Thank you. ???
Toy 4 speed also seems to be a quieter, MUCH smoother shifting tranny with a decent first gear and no un synchroed gears. For 500 less than a H55F you could swap to a toy 4 spd and slap on a Ranger O/D from AA.
Another option is to go with a non 0/d tranny that has a good first gear (Sm420, 465, etc) and swap to 3.70's in the pumpkins. I would only consider this with non oversized tires and a no need for superlow crawler gears.

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