Transmission Rebuild Cost

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Sep 10, 2006
Dallas, Tx.
The transmission on my FJ62 is going out. Won't shift into 3rd, or into reverse. I've done the usual: Rodney Flush, new filter, throttle cable measurements, Party Trick (woohoo!), and still it's no better.

A local and sufficiently reputable transmission repair shop is quoting me $2485 for a transmission rebuild and lifetime warranty. I'm seeing guys on this forum saying that you'd be lucky to pay under $7K to get a new one installed (yikes), so this $2485 sounds pretty darn good. Yeah that's probably about what my Cruiser is worth, but I love my Cruiser and I bought the thing for a steal anyway.

So my question is this... is there anything to be concerned about by getting a rebuild instead of a replacement? Does that cost seem suspiciously low? Anything seem fishy about this?

Thanks for any advice. I miss 3rd gear.
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I too own an 88 FJ62 and have a transmission issue with the torque converter. Just waiting for the day.....
and for the money i'm going with the H55F 5 speed. There's a considerable amount of work and parts involved, but I don't
mind wrenching and fabricating at all. Not sure how you stand working on your own vehicle not including the time and place to work in,
these are all things to consider. I've also read that an H41 4 speed is a very good alternative and can be had very reasonably.
The one thing I can recommend is use a shop that has experience rebuilding the A440F yea it's an automatic but it's not a Chevy, GMC or Ford
There's been a lot of folks that have had rebuilds done and be left with nothing but one problem followed by more issues due to a fouled up rebuild. If your dead set on the Automatic I'd really consider a rebuilt unit from Rodney with the reworked Valve body. From what
I recall it's a great upgrade to the OEM Unit.
'88 FJ62 rebuild at an aamco place, local mechanic who works on the FJ recommended them. Had to send it to his expert who had rebuilt five of them, almost 5 grand with 5 yr warranty. works like a champ no issues at all. Wanted a new one from Rodney but too expensive and still had to have it installed. Maybe next time.
This is your opportunity to go the H55 route. It's the single best mod that I ever did to my '88 FJ62. It makes an unbelievable difference in auto should have never been put in this truck.

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