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Jul 6, 2007
Nashua, NH
Anyone in here ever heard of a bad trans mount lead to the trans making a rubbing/grinding noise with the trans?
Not making a noise ? But I had a chevy trans mount that broke , power from motor would twist trans , causing tranny to seperate from engine
Is it making a grinding noise when you decelerate?

yeah, like a gritty metal on metal sound...goes away when i push the clutch in.
yes, you can hear it rubbing as it least you can tell whatever is rubbing is spinning. There is a little chatter to...not bad but kind of like rocks in a coffee can sound.
If it only happens when you are decelerating and goes away when applying the clutch, that is gear rattle in the transfer case adapter, which is very common. If you didn't have it before, you could possibly have a broken driver side motor mount or even a broken t-case mount.

Does your rear driveline have a CV?
yeah, I had th cv one put in last year. I just had the tcase mount replaced with that new Marlin heavy duty one.
Just had some thanks to toss out.

Thanks to Nikki and Cacy for letting me keep the 4Runner at their house throughout the Gilligan Islandesq renuild of my trans. And to Cacy for all thee help/suprivision in keeping me from breaking anything else while fixing it.

Thanks to Marlin for helping me out with that rebuild.

Thanks to Talon for helping with pulling and reinstalling it and Thanks to Mike for doing the heavy lifting and putting it back in.

Thanks Guys

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