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Jan 31, 2008
Boulder, CO
Hey, I've got a 96 lx450 that i bought about 2 months ago, and recently discovered that it dosen't have the original transmission. The trans it has in it was made in 1998. The id plate is pictured below. I'm trying to figure out if this is a 100 series tranny or possily a tranny out of a jeep cherokee. Do the id plates on any of your guys trannies math up to this (1998-2000 100/470 series only). The id plate for the tranny is located on the pass side of the tranny towards the rear where it mates to the xfer case. Any help is appriceated.
aren't they the same anyway?

is it possible that the 30-43 on the tag stands for 343?
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I'm not sure, are they, or are there any differences between the versions used in jeeps and toyotas
no idea about Jeeps. What I meant is that the late 80s and the early 100s have the same trans IIRC (mechanically at least, maybe the wiring is different?). They switched to the 750 in '03.
good to hear, too bad it still slips in reverse, will try syn fluid at next tranny oil change.
You should get the proper fluid in there, and have the dealer evacuate the torque converter of all old fluid. The dealer uses WS- ATF, which I heard is VERY good transmission fluid. I was talking to the Royal Purple rep, and he told me to take my vehicle to the dealer to have the trans fluid replaced because there's nothing else like it out there. I was going to switch all my fluids to Royal Purple, until he told me that. So everything gets the Royal treatment except the trans, which will go to the dealer for fluid changes.
That tranny came out in the Aussie Prados, not sure if it is exactly a 343 but most likely. If it still slips after the oil change, check out this site, and maybe send them a question, they are working on an extreme valve body for the 343
Gotta love the lexus dealers, went in today gave em my VIN and low an behold the tranny was replaced in 1999 (47,000mi) with a brand new unit. At least I know it was done right.
I just had my transmission flushed and re-filled and it is down-shifting smoother than before. Before, it was a little clunky when it would down-shift, but since the re-fill, its as smooth as butter.

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