Transmission oil and twin radiator.

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Jul 9, 2007

What oil do you used in your transmission?

Here, some people uses Dextron II, most uses Dextron III, some Dextron III-H.

But I've benn reading an article about it recommending using the highest Dextron number possible for the Land Cruiser (i think the maximun now is Dextron VI).

But, what confuses me, I remember seen a table telling the Dextron III-H was recommended for almost any manufacturer, but, about the Dextron VI, it said: "only for GM transmissions".

What do you think?, what oil would you reccomend?

And about the twin radiator, I'm thinking about adding a second radiator for the transmission oil, as I had temperature problems racing in sand tracks. Have any of you tried using two radiators? Is it worth?

Thank you
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Honestly I can't recall a member here having a twin rad......................

course could be wrong, would maybe be the second time.

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