Transmission mount check and possible replace

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Aug 18, 2014
Los Angeles
Taking my 1985 Fj60 in for a clutch replacement soon. Aisin clutch kit, rear main seal and front input seal for the trans are in hand. The mechanic mentioned replacing the engine and trans mounts then if needed.
I read up on how to check the engine mounts and I don’t have any fan shroud to fan contact but I’ll get the bottle jack and piece of wood underneath the engine tomorrow.
I’m kinda leaning towards replacing them anyways since the truck has 185k on it with reminance of a lot of a steering pump leak and crud that I chiseled off the driver side.

Is there a similar test for the trans mount?
Is this a “while I’m there moment”?
I would just say visual. If it's deformed, squished, cracked or gooey from years of leaking oil replace it. Not necessarily a cheap part but while you're down there with a light in hand you might as well replace it if it looks the least bit sketchy.
I bought a good quality aftermarket transmission mount for my '86 FJ60 from Cruiser Outfitters last year, it's a lot less expensive than OEM.
if they are not separating, not sure there is a need to replace them.
the left front engine mount is prone to separating from the torque of the engine pulling up on it
easy to check for separation, use a jack and jack the front of the engine up and see if the mount separates.
same thing for the trans mount, jack up on transfer case and see if it separates

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