Transmission leak

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Nov 24, 2012
Eldorado, Kansas
I have a 84 FJ60 with 4 speed manual transmission. Every time I push in the clutch fluid runs out from the bottom( some where). Does anyone know what might cause this. I am hoping it is something simple like a bad hose. The is a box on the side where the bleeder is, this is where I think the fluid is coming from. Any help would be great, thank you
Does sound like the clutch hose is loose or bad. Try tightening the connections, and look for failures in the hose. Should be easy to come by a replacement hose if needed.
Thanks, I should be able to find it as soon as I can get someone to push in on the clutch while I l look.
Well I found where it is coming from. I was unable to get a picture, but will try to describe it. On the passenger side of the transmission there is a cylinder that has a push rod that is adjustable on one end. The other end has a hose and a bleeder on it. The rod has a rubber boot this is where the fluid is coming from. As soon as you push in the peddle fluid comes out of the rubber boot. I can only assume that a seal is out, but does anyone know what this part is called? Also is this a difficult fix?
I think maybe its the slave cylinder? If this is the case then it's just replacing the hole cylinder correct?
Yep, that's the slave cylinder. You can rebuild it or replace it. Probably best to get the OEM Toyota part and just replace it.

And depending on your current budget, it's a good idea to replace the master cylinder and the hose at the same time.

Good luck!
usually, when the clutch slave goes bad, the clutch master is not far behind. Just sayin'. If you have the inclination you should think about changing both.
you can buy the whole kit with a new braided line for $125. Pretty easy job.
Found a new one for 25 replace it tonight. And the master was the first to go, replaced it about 4 months ago. I did not get a hose so I hope that does not come back to bit me. It looks like a simple job, just have to watch the length of the rod correct?
Do I put brake fluid or transmission fluid in. I keep getting conflicting answers when I go to google it.
DOT 3 in the clutch components!
Got it put with very little trouble. Shifts great and no leaks. The hose was in good shape, with that had to remove the cylinder then take the hose off. Thanks for all the help.

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