Transmission “Kick Down Cable / Throttle Cable” and Better Mileage "Long Version"

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Mar 31, 2005
Truck has always run great. Mileage has always been pretty much the same average of just over 11mpg. The gas pedal has always seemed stiff to the point of getting cramps in my calf muscle on long drives. (it’s an old truck that’s why it’s stiff right? Wrong!) Last month the kick down cable started malfunctioning big time. It intermittently would not shift from second to third and also wouldn’t shift from third to over drive. When it finally would shift the pedal was really easy to press – a feather touch was all it needed I took it to B&B in So. SF and they changed the kick down cable at my request (thanks to info provided by this bbs). Now the truck is shifting like it should and the pedal only needs a feather touch to depress all the time. I don’t need to manually s*** to third as much as I used to, and mpg has improved. – see below –

After I changed the kick down cable last month I now have a small but noticeable positive mpg change up from my 11mpg average. On a two hour drive from SF to Cobb in Lake County with one hour freeway and one hour winding mountain/hill roads I am now getting 12.6 on the way up. I took off my Rocket Box and roof racks and got 13.24 on the way back with light loads. Yippie!

Running 31x10.5’s (Michelin LTX M/S) on stock chrome rims - - .
I had my speedo checked at a local shop when I first got it in 2001.
Here is my speed shown vs true vehicle speed –
20 = 20mph
30 = 30mph
40 = 42mph
50 = 50mph
55 = 57mph
60 = 63mph
65 = 69mph
70 = 74mph
75 = 79mph
. I add 9% (as an average) to the miles showing on the trip meter when I check my mpg.

Moral of this story? I don’t really know. I’m just passing along info. Mostly just want to give a shout-out to the IH8MUD community for steering me in the right direction in my transmission trouble shooting searches. It always helps to go to the mechanic armed with as much knowledge as possible.

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