Transmission Fluid Capacity

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Mar 30, 2003
Quick Q: My LX450's manual only lists the drain/refill quantity for tranny fluid, but not the amount if you are doing a full fluid exchange. Can someone post the fluid capacity of the A343F for a full / first-time fill? (no A442F v s. A343F debates, please!) :-\
There is a great dispute over how much a 343 holds. The factory manual says it is about 12 quarts (12. something, IIRC). some folks on 80scool insist it's more like 16, which is what a 442 holds. I have never dis-assembled a 343 and drained it and the converter completely to see who's right. I tend to lean toward the factory manual but it certainly could be wrong.
Yep, I concur with Rick. I drain/refill 4 L exactly from my 343 (4 qts+ a few oz...), so I would not trust the published quantities in FSM for a 343 either.

R -
When I had the pan off my 442 a couple weeks ago, I drained the pan and left the plug out for about 5 minutes.(I got just over 6 quarts out). I put it back in and did a couple things and then pulled the pan bolts and cut the pan free. There was another quart-and-a-half of ATF in the pan by that time and the valve body coutinued to drip for the whole time that the pan was off. I ended up putting 7 1/2 quarts in to bring it back to full.

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