Transmission concerns

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Sep 23, 2003
I have been watching this board for the last 8 months or so, and appreciate all the info while looking for and buying my 80 (94 w/ 96k). Now I have a concern that you guys may be able to help with.

When I drive slowly (under 20 mph), and let off the gas, the transmission suddenly upshifts very firmly. Like whip-your-head-back firmly. This only happens at low speeds, and doesn't happen in Power Mode. There is no noise associated with the abrupt shift, and everything else seems fine. The trans fluid looks fine and smells fine, but I plan on having it changed in the next week or so anyway.

Any ideas?
When you take your rig to a *reputable* *Toyota experienced* shop, have them check the cable going from your throttle down to the tranny. This cable can corrode, bind and/or otherwise balk and cause you shifting problems.

It is NOT a problem to replace said cable ~$65 w/ TLCA discount. What is a problem is inexperienced mechanics that don't know what to do with the little "ferrule" that comes with the new cable. They need to crimp that ferrule onto the new cable in the EXACT SAME PLACE the old cable has its ferrule crimped on. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. If they do not do this, the factory settings are lost and the transmission CANNOT BE ADJUSTED BACK TO OEM SPEC. They may be able to get it close, but NEVER again perfect. Ask for your old cable back just to be sure you have that reference point if you ever need it again.

I know this because I had some idiots work on my '88 FJ62 and do just this :slap: But it was worse for me because they threw away the old cable :slap: Now it's adjusted close, but not quite perfect :-\

Good luck. I hope this is not what's wrong. Be careful in dealing with the shop.

Thanks, Jody

I will look at the cable this weekend. Hopefully it is just old and needs replaced.

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