Transfer Gears?

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Mar 27, 2003
Does anybody know if transfer gears are available for the 80 series Cruisers? It would be quite nice to get a lower high gear to restore factory ratios without changing to lower diff gearing and even better to get a lower low gear for crawling around in the middle of nowhere.

I see this stuff available for other makes on pirate, but never for an 80. Crawler gears are available for Sammis, so why not an 80?

Marks adapters from Aus is working on a crawler adapter that goes on the TX case. However, it is not done yet, and from early indications you would have to run a body lift and modify that gas tank.

I have also heard that there is not enough space in the txcase to make over/undersize gears possible. The net changes that can be made was not enough to make it worthwile.

Alan Podvin and myself are on the list to get the first crawlers when ready.
Okay, so transfer gears aren't looking like a viable option.

What about a crawl box? &nbsp:Does anyone currently make one that bolts up? I know that Klune-V was working on it, but haven't heard anything in quite a while.
Hey here's a novel idea...regear the diffs! :G You get the lower high gearing to compensate for the tire ratio AND lower gearing in low range for crawling around in the middle of nowhere. The best of both worlds!


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