transfer cs/transmission rebuild

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how difficult is it to rebuild these units. I have an 85 fj60 the transfer case howls like a banshe and I figure the trans isnt far behind Are special tools , equipment or set up required or is it fairly easy? anyone done it at home? got any good pictures, web sites, suggestions, etc.
There is a lot of info on this all over the web, especially on this site. Just cruise your mouse over to Technical Links. ;)
IMO, t-case rebuilds are a breeze....I took lots of pics when I did mine last summer, but haven't taken the time to write anything up yet.

Tranny's are a bit more work, since there is more in them and more bearings to press on-off. IMO, t-cases wear sooner than tranny's so you may get lucky and only need t-case work.
I'm in the middle of doing one right now.  I have never attempted something like this before.  Tear down is pretty easy.  The one thing I'm reluctant to do is tear down the main shaft.  All I've got is a cheap 3 jaw puller, and I'm afraid I might wreck something.  What I will probably do is bring the bearings and such that is needed on the main output shaft along with the output shaft and pay someone to take care of that.  Honestly I don't think I would have much of a problem, but I get kind of stupid sometimes.  You ever look back at something and wonder what you were thinking.  I would hate for that to happen.  If you haven't gotten the rebuild kit yet let me know.  I know where to get a good price.

(above refer's to the t/c)
Woody's right, the t-case is easy. The hardest part will be getting it back together when you're done, since you kind of have to wrangle with the trans and case to get them together without all the poop falling out.

replace the seal between the trans and case while you're in there.

Have the trans rebuilt by a shop - save yourself the headache.
Oh yea. I have an extra transsmission that I've pondered rebuilding. No concesus yet. I think you may need some pretty specialized tools, pullers and such. You could probably rent those though.

Do you have the factory manuals? I've got the tranny and transfer case parts of them copied. If you need them let me know and I can make another copy and mail em' to you.
Been in the transfer case several times. If I was you I'd do the transfer under the truck. I've done that twice and it works fine if you don't mind laying on your back for the work! It'll save pulling the tranny/transfer which is a big job by itself. I'm in the tranny right now! The howl in the transfer is likely the idler shaft. The transmission is a MUCH bigger pain as you do NEED the special Toyota pullers. Standard pullers and bearing splitters DON'T cut it! You'll likely never get the bearings out otherwise! If you go into the transmission be forewarned that the gears are very brittle due to the type of steel (strong but brittle).
As noted earlier, the transfer is a relative breeze. A press is handy, but not required. For the transmission I like Posi-lock transmiision bearing pullers. It's a $200 tool, but you can't do the job without one. It grabs the bearing by the snapring groove, and then pulls it out. Some snap ring pliers and a 12 ton press and you're done...Alan
You can get the H42 apart without special tools, but it is a PITA and you need to be patient. Basically you have to "walk" the bearings off the counter shaft using some small steel scraps under the snap ring while beating on the shaft with a drift and 5 lb hammer. Once you drop the counter shaft, it is relatively easy to get the main shaft out and its bearings off.

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