transfer case staked nut loose

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Jun 29, 2009
Saint Paul, MN
Hey all,

Pulled my rear driveshaft the other day after putting a bit of rash on it. :doh: Time to improve my driving skills. Sent it off to the driveshaft shop and they put a new tube on it.

Anyway, had some transfer case fluid leak out when I pulled the driveshaft. Did a bit of research and found it is likely due to seepage around the splines, no big deal. Looks like Poser has the staked nut in stock. Gives me a reason to visit Steve and see what kind of fun stuff he is working on. :D

The bigger issue is the fact that when I was cleaning up the fluid to confirm where it was leaking from, I found that the staked nut was no longer staked, and no longer tight. So, my question, what should I be looking for to determine if there is any damage? The truck makes a lot of noise (my wife isn't so fond of the noise, but it is music to my ears), so I am not sure if my untrained ear would hear anything. The output shaft seems solid, no play. Anything else I should check?

Also, put a fair bit of rash on the front drive shaft and u-joint that trip. :whoops: Some lessons are learned the hard way. Looking for opinions on the need to fix it. I am leaning toward not fixing it as it doesn't spin as fast, so the balance may not be a big issue. My concern is failure of the tube or u-joint causing bigger issues. I do some light rock crawling (stock gearing, 33" BFG ATs).

Last picture is of one of my helpers. He's smiling now, but he was mad when I took the front bolts off and then couldn't break the bolts free on the rear drive shaft and take him for a ride.
If there isn't any play on the output shaft you should be okay. I would check the pre-load before you reassemble just to see if there was any pre-existing issue. (see Coolerman's instructions at step 15).

Rebuilding the 3 sp T-case: Reassembly Page 3

Be sure to place a bead of Silicone under the spacer/washer when you reassemble to insure no oil leaks from the splines. Reassemble, torque to specs and get on the road to make your little helper happy!
If that front drive shaft were mine, I would at least have a spare with me for when it does fail, because it will now that the tube is nicked up like that.
Thanks for all the info guys. That link to Coolerman's rebuild will help a lot.

Red loctite it is.

Sounds like the front drive shaft should be repaired/replaced. Having a spare wouldn't be too bad, but with my luck it would fail while climbing a steep hill and wedge me between a rock and a hard place.

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