Transfer case shifter

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Maybe a version of this will work. After these pictures were taken I added stiffener to the backside to compensate for the sideways motion of shifting to low range, but with twin sticks you should not have a problem. I also added a bracket to tie it into the t-case at the 1:00 bolt position (last pic).
New Cruiser 005.jpg
New Cruiser 006.jpg
May 1 pictures 062.jpg
I am at that point too, I need to finalize my shifters. I have the added complication of a toybox between my 700r4 and my t case. I have been in contact with Georg @ Valley Hybrids (orangeFJ45) for some ideas, I might get one of his kits and modify it. I'll be following this thread, bring on some ideas!
I've been happy with my factory Vacuum/dash shift setup on my 700R4/AA/71 3spd TR case setup. Its one less thing to bump into on the floor. I originally wanted to do the whole twin stick thing but decided to keep the factory system after reading a ton of posts here.
The adapter is from the old "Downey Toyota". I got from Jim Sickles last year about the time they were packing up the store. He had a few left so I snagged one. I had used his stuff in the past on TH350 and TH400 conversions and had great results. I believe Jim is selling on-line as Tojo Products now. I like the shorter length, which means a longer rear drive shaft. If you have a SOA set-up you still a rear driveline with a CV joint (mine is an FJ60 front driveline). The downside is using the smaller Spicer slip yoke and universals at the t-case, but I have a 5.7L Chevy engine, ARB up front and 35" tires and haven't broke it yet.

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