Transfer Case Repair or Rebuild

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Sep 4, 2018
South Florida
Problems with the transfer case. Vehicle has 220,000 miles. Would you go ahead and rebuild with a transfer case kit given the age, or just repair the problem with transfer case. Not certain what the repair need will be yet. Just thinking if I’m going to have to pay the labor cost to take the transfer case off might as well rebuild everything.
Need more information and pics to help. Is it not working? Leaking/old? Most of it is rebuildable if you are handy. Get a good set of bearing splitters/ pullers.
if you have to take it off then rebuilt it. Kits are about $250. Check with Georg at Valley hybrids, he can offer any tech help and also has a good you tube video. Also consider replacing the clutch, engine rear main seal, and resurfacing the flywheel.
Realistically, replacing the seals should be done any time the case is opened up, and replacing some bearings isn't a big deal except for that pesky little pocket bearing. At 220K- replace all bearings & seals & you're good to go. It's the input shaft seal that wears out first. A shop with a press can easily install the bearings on the output shaft. Bring the parts and the drawings/info from the FSM for reference

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