Transfer case rebuild

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Jan 1, 2007
SO...I took my transfer case in to get the t-case rebuilt and the mechanic told me that the 'idler gear' is bad. apparently the thrust washer went bad and the gear slipped and broke some teeth. A new one is $390.00. :mad: Do any of you know of a good reliable place to pick up a new gear, remanufactured, or a used one that will be in good shape.
Have you tried looking for a parts transfercase. I have bought replacement cases anywhere from $150 to $40. Good luck.
I probably have that idler gear in a box in my shop....send me a pm if you need something.
I know of a stack of NOS ones for a 4 speed transfer case that I can pick up for MUCH less than that!
SO...apparently the thrust washer went bad and the gear slipped and broke some teeth...

Is this the shop's explanation or yours? If it is their's I would be very skeptical of their ability based upon this fallacy. Teeth brake from being shock loaded not by a 0.045" thrust washer 'going bad'.

If you are looking to save $$$, my advice is to identify the case you have and look for used parts that will fit.

As with any type of part failure, if one does not identify and remedy the cause, they are destined to have the failure again sooner than later.
The t-case is just stock on a 07/75 fj-40 with a 4-speed tranny. Any phone numbers or web links to these places with cheaper parts would be awsome.

The guy who is doing this for me has his own fj and has done a few others for his friends.
get the gear and all the other parts that went bad back and post some ics. please count the teeth on the gear as well; both sides. then post the numbers on here and i'm sure one or more of us will be willing to help you out. i have a bunch of ideler gears as well along with a ton of other t-case parts, might even have the p[roper rebuild kit in stock for you.

best of luck!

georg @ valley hybrids

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