transfer case oil colouor

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Apr 24, 2003
just drained the transfer case oil, and it didn't have much oil in there to start with, and the colour of it was brown, like mud. is this a warning sign to a problem in there,
its probably just really old and dirty. Unless theres a pile of shavings on the drain plug, it shouldn't be too bad. I think its just running out of oil or running low for long periods that are a problem. I normally end up changing mine once a year, and its always clean looking. But when i got it i reckon it would've been 5 years old or more.
yeah, there were no shavings, and after a couple of hours today, 4x4 works again for the first time in over a year, so i guess the internals are alright, it just bothered me the colour
most likely old...check the breather too, and run that up into the passenger compartment. Helps keep contaminents out.

Mine gets changed at least yearly...part of my winter "too cold to wheel" maintenance...
[quote author=woody link=board=1;threadid=5313;start=msg41695#msg41695 date=1063714159]
"too cold to wheel"
Woody - when it gets that bad just load that dawg on the trailer and come see us down here where the sun spends the winter. 8)
mine are planned on doing once a year now, just can't trust previous owners anymore, can you?

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