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Jul 21, 2013
The rear output shaft bearing came apart on my transfer case.
I can not get the adjustment shim or whats left of the bearing off the shaft. My cheap puller will not grip the shim or bearing to pull it off. Can anyone recommend a good puller that might catch the small lip that is on the center of the bearing to pull it off?

I can take a picture tomorrow if that helps. The bearing is gone it is just the internal part of the bearing left on the shaft.
I bought the cruiser like this. I figured the bearing was an easy fix.

If you've already taken the rear output shaft retainer (the alum piece that holds the bearing and oil seal, speedo gear and stuff) off to get at the bearing, it's really not that much more trouble to pull the split case. Be careful that you don't pull the idler shaft out with the back half of the case.

See this thread ( or I think I did a fair job of documenting transfer case in my build (signature line).

If you haven't pulled off the retainer and you're trying to get at that bearing from the the oil seal, then just take those six bolts off and you'll have pretty easy access to that bearing.

Pics always help people here see where you're at in a process.

Thanks TDC. I do have the bearing retaner off.
Here is what I am looking at.

It is looking more like I will have to take the case apart like M1A1cruiser said.


output shaft bearing.jpg

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