Transfer case gear, Which way?

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Jul 22, 2004
St Petersburg, Florida
Transfer case drive gear. Which way does it go?

On the casting between the center hub and the outer gear portion, one side is flat, the other is concave.

Like this with the flat side out?

Or like this with concave side out?

It's possible it doesn't matter. The gear lines up with the idler gear fine either way it's put on. Pictures in the factory service manual don't really show.
The seal surface goes toward the ToyBox. Looks like your second pic. If you can use a seal from an FJ62 automatic. Double lip seal works better. Bolt the front half to the MC23 when you're checking the gears.

FYI There is a shim behind the rear bearing race. DON'T LOOSE THAT SHIM! When you reassemble the case that shim will give you your base line for your preload.

Who did you get gasket set from? I think Toyota gaskets are thinner and you may not need different shims to get the preload right. If they're not, you may need a thicker shim.

When we assembled mine the only gasket we used was the big one.

Sorry to be so long winded. Just trying to get the info out there.
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I got aftermarket gaskets, but Toyota seals.
There must be something different about the early split transfer case. Mine is an 82. I wanted a double seal, but the FJ62 seal OD is too small to fit in the opening. I did order a 74mm OD double seal from a bearing shop.
I'm discovering the same about the gaskets. The big one is the only one that will probably end up getting used.
Once you get all the guts back in, dry run the bearing retainer/speedo gear housing using the factory shim and NO silicone. Check your preload. Too loose, add shim, too tight, take away shim. Your dealer can get these shims but I would order them now since you say the gaskets arn't Toyota. You may beed to use a micrometer to measure tour stock shim. If it were me I would order 1 size thinner and 3 sizes thicker than the one you have now. Once you get the pre load apply a very, very thin bead of silicone to the retainer housing.
Thanks for the info. Hadn't even thought before about the gaskets changing the preload.

Deo thanks for the offer! Will see what happens.

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