Transfer case gear tooth ache...!

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Dec 28, 2005
Welll, started to replace my speedometer gear since the nylon gear broke.
But then I found some metal parts!
Took the lid off, oh boy! A tooth ache here! see pics)
The third pic shows the remains of the nylon gear plus the metal pieces found.
What could have caused that?
I did noticed a slight hiss in 4th & 5th gear for some time.
more tomorrow.

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gear tooth ache close up

gear tooth ache close up.
Notice the roughed up gear teeth surface!
What to do? Ignore? Keep on drivin'?
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Why you should take the flange off when the nylon gear broke:
(look at the seal!)
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Agreed, I bought my cruiser with 240,000 miles and no up-keep by the previous owner, my t-case was completely filled with mud. Gave it a good flush(it took more than 1) and was good to go
Gear breakage

What I'm seeing in your pictures is typical of a gear alignment problem, which is almost always cuased by a bearing that crapped it pants. You found the problem, make sure you find the cause or it will happen again. My first guess would be the idler bearing, that seems to be the first thing that goes. Second would be the output shaft bearings. I would be surprised if it was the bearings on the input shaft, but you never know. Good luck! This might be a good time to consider a set of Trail Tamer gears.
transfer case tooth ache

Here's the "damage":
With a mini file I filed out all the kinks in the speedo gear and polished it with wire brush attachment. The rear output shaft bearing came close to total damage! Look at the banged up roller cage!
Transfer case tooth ache

Ouch! Maybe some one shifted the transfercase while driving!
All assembled ready to go.
car runs fine again!

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