transfer case gear bushings?

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Oct 18, 2002
when i rebuilt my 3spd transfercase i noticed the there seemed to be a lot of clearance between the gears and the main shaft. What i was wondering is if i could get new bushings for the gears from toyota or spector? I plan on putting the gears in my 76 case and reworking the nose cone bolts(upgrade to 10x1.25 with heli coils instead of 8x1.25) for some added strength when i got to my Toybox install. If i can get new bushings i think that would be good.

I doubt it on the bushings. I tried bushings for an '84 power steering pump and came up empty handed (and it shows in the shop manual while the transfer gear bushings do not). Try a bearing house locally and maybe a machine shop could install and bore to size?
I was able to get all those bronze bushings from Toyota when I rebuilt my transfercase 2 years ago.

Give Stevens Creek Toyota (listed tlca member busineess section) a call.


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