Transfer case floor shifter questions thoughts ideas?

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Jun 9, 2011
Waynesboro, Pa
ok guys i'm workin on my fj40, under the hood shes swapped with a 390 ford and bolted to a m22 muncie 4 spd manual trans then the oem Toyota 3spd transfer case. I bought a floor shifter oem style set-up from a 75 fj40. most of my vaccum set-up stuff was missing when i got the truck. i see the shifter set-up i have has side to side action and that for 4H-N-4L. Right now since my m22 doesn't have the casting of course for the round shifter pivot point for H2? i wanted some advice on if i should just make some brackets to hold the shifter in place and bolt to trans n transfer case. to support it left in right for that movement or should i weld a sleeve to the tranny and try to fab it to my trans how Toyota oem had it set-up? what would the 2H setting do for me i see it pushing the plunger i assume in on the front snout of transfer case. my rig will see occastional around town summer to store and home use but 98% off road only use. wasnt sure how the "2H" stuff works if some one could clear that up, i saw the lil sleeve inside the snout and the forks on the plunger set-up. what you guys think?
did you figure this out I am in the mist of trying it my self old vacume was shoot

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