Transfer Case Dillemma

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Nov 4, 2008
Federal Way, WA
I am working with some options and am not sure what to do.

I am thinking of buying an '82 FJ60 I found for parts. I want to put the axles under my '71 FJ40 (at least the front). I have also been toying (no pun intended) with the idea of building a centered hybrid rear axle as I lined up a '71ish rear axle housing and a complete '87 rear from a 4wd p/u (4 cyl).

I plan to install a SBC mated to a 700R4. I had planned to use a Dana 300 Tcase, hence the hybrid rear idea.

However, after talking with friends in my club I am thinking this through again. Some guys were suggesting adapting the 700R4 to the 3 speed case I have. Or going with a newer split case if I don't mind losing the e-brake.

So in comes the 1982 FJ60... It has a good t-case (where is the e-brake?). Would it be as easy to adapt that FJ60 tcase to the 700R4? It is a 19? spline versus my current 10 spline, but is it worth it?

I suspect a Dana 300 would be cheaper, but not having to build a hybrid axle is appealing too.

Thoughts and suggestions?


Hands down, the split case is much stronger than the 40 case. The adapter is long and more expensive
so figure pushing the axle back a bit.
The dana, though stronger than the 40 case is not as strong as the split case. An advantage to the dana........ a 4:1 gearset available, where the split case has only a 3:1 available. The orion HD is a strong option and is 4:1. Figuring all costs in ( adapters ,driveshafts, axles, custom alterations, etc )
the orion may play out to be the best choice.

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