Transfer Case Ball Bearing....HELP

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Jun 8, 2011
OK Fellas...

I was working on splitting the transfer case/transmission last night and once I got them seperated. I was spinning the transfer case and one singular ball bearing rolled out on the work bench..... I have no idea where it came from. I am almost positive it came out of thansfer case.

I have the three ball bearings the rest on top of transmission under the shifter plate. Saved and taped into place so it was not one of those three. UNless of course I missed taping one of those in.....are there four up there?

I had the cotter pic and flat head screw, retaining a spring removed, at that time.... (pic). I have since replaced those parts so as not to misplace them. Have searched and looked everywhere on the Tcase for where one singular ball bearing would go into the transfer case and the only place I can think is that it sits behind that cotter/flat head/ and spring in picutre??

As usual, I am in completely new territory and would like any assistance.... so appreciation to all, in advance.

TransmissionTransferCase 027.jpg

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