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Discussion in '100-Series Cruisers' started by ictcruiser, Aug 11, 2005.

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    OK, I searched and went through the threads and it seems that their are a couple camps on trans fluid. Some say to flush, others say "NO". I just turned 53,000 miles on my cruiser and the local Toyota dealer charges $117 for a trans flush and fluid change. What is the general consensus? Is too early to change fluid? Should I be concerned that the factory dealer will not do it properly? I thought the price seemed fair and is pretty cheap insurance.
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    The general consensus on the 80's board is to do a fluid exchange as opposed to a "flush" which theoretically might dislodge contaminents that were happily out of harms way until you flushed it.

    Here's is the one in the 80's FAQ.
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    Change the fluid early and often. But do not flush as the pressures involved can potentially cause problems.

    To add to the debate there are two ways to accomplish an exchange.

    One - Drain the fluid from the pan and fill it numerous times until you have exchanged nearly all the fluid. This method will use more fluid since you will always be draining some percentage of your "new" fluid off but can be very handy if you just do it at every oil change.

    Two - Drain the pan and Fill then disconnect the cooler return line to the tranny and run the engine while draining the old fluid off and simultaneously fill the tansmission with new fluid. This method requires at least two people but accomplishes a more complete fluid exchange with far less wasted fluid. That could be important if you are putting a real expensive synthetic fluid in the transmission or if you were trying so remove severly degraded or burnt fluid.
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