Trans mount?

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May 15, 2003
Anyone know where I can find new rubber (or poly) mounts for the transfercase crossmember? Checked SOR and CCOT and can't seem to find them. Haven't gotten to napa yet, but figured I'd ask here first.

I also need the gasket where it attaches to the Tcase and nosecone. I only see it in a rebuild kit. ???
I ended up making my own mounts for about 15 dollars. I bought a boat roller piece at a boat shop. I'm not sure what the material name is but it seems like a pretty tough rubber. I then cut it to the size I needed then bolted it together with hardware from the hardware store. It is by no means OEM but it works and is cheap. I used the same method for my body mounts. I got the idea from someone else on the board here. I'll try to look it up and post it here for you.
I replaced the gasket with black RTV the last time. Works fine and easy to remove/replace.
Man-a-fre sells them, but they are not shown on their website or catalog. You have to call them. They are $49 for a pair of bushings. Same bushings work for V-8 motor mounts and tc crossmembers. Pretty expensive, but they got em.
I ended up using 4 poly body mounts my buddy had in his basement. He didn't know what they were from (probably his roommates). I bought some new grade 8 bolts and some "cut yer own" gasket material. Works good so far.

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