trans filter change and now P0401!

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Apr 27, 2011
Obviously not related, however, I have never had any EGR codes or trouble. I completed draining 5 quarts of tranny fluid, pulling the pan and changing the transmission filter yesterday only to have P0401 pop the CEL!o_O

Wix #58610 trans filter (do not use gasket)
5 1/2 qts Valvoline
Toyota #90301-09173 transmission dipstick lower O ring
Permatex #25238 Right Stuff Grey (not what I wanted):confused:

I tried to get Toyota FIPG 1281 #00295-01281 Red FIPG for the pan but ended up with Toyota 103 #00295-00103 Black FIPG as the dealer didn't order the FIPG 1281. I ran over to Mud Connection (local shop) and grabbed the FIPG 103. Big thanks to them for stocking more than the Toyota dealership locally. In the end I elected to use the Right Stuff grey.

Filled the tranny, checked it several times. 3 miles into the drive home:steer: the CEL comes on. Obviously in protest:moon: to a non OEM sealant being used. Checked the codes and its the P0401!

I am thinking 10 ohm resistor and Witts key chain will fix that if I don't find a vacumn hose loose.

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