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Oct 27, 2005
Des Moines WA
hey dose any one know any good trails here in WA seattle area my pig is almost done and i only know a place by MT ranier i was wondering if any body know and good trails mud snow anything whant to test the spring over im doing and if you have any pics woud be nice Thanks

Heck yeah! Try Evans OHV area, or the Elbe trails. Evans is out by Carbonado and Wilkeson, Elbe a little further than that.

Better yet, a bunch of us Land Cruiser guys and some TTORA Tacoma guys are doing Lake Isabel trail next saturday the 14th--come along! It's pretty rocky on thsi trail.

lastly, send an email to and you'll be in the local email group for runs and such.

My email is, we're based in Seattle. Here's a link to a snow run we did at Evans a few weeks ago with Bobby Long of Longfields Super Axles.


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