Trailer Towing, gas mileage, etc ...

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Mar 17, 2016
Advance, NC
Its Summer Time and many of us are going to be towing Travel Trailers for Vacation.

Just got back from towing our ~3500lb loaded trailer to Ocean Lakes Campground at Myrtle Beach, SC.
If you want to see a 5 star campground, check it out. It even has WiFi fast enough to stream to our TV.

My travel trailer is a 2017 Rpod 180 and towing mirrors are not needed.
Towing was so easy that some day I might go with a larger trailer.

At start of trip, I filled up with 93grade premium gasoline and got 11.35mpg going to the campground.
Return trip with 89grade I got 9.0mpg.
I think my going to speed was 5 to 10 mph slower keeping it at 55-60mph, as opposed to returning was the major factor.

Driving my 2002 LX470 - it has the 4-speed transmission but I drove it with Overdrive on when on flat ground.
Most of the trip was generally flat ground but on approach to upgrades, I would let off gas and turn off Overdrive until I topped the hill.
Normal driving without towing my MPG ranges from 14-15mpg.

Forgot to take my ODB2 reader to monitor Transmission Temperature but in the past the temps never got excessive.
About a month ago I was towing a 6x12 enclosed uhaul trailer from western Kansas into Denver and due to some gnarly headwinds, I averaged 5.5mpg. I'd guess the trailer was ~4500lbs.

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