Trailer Plans for Off-Road Trailer

Jun 9, 2003
Mesa, Arizona
There has been alot of talk on this board about making an off-road trailer. I would like to give it a shot, but I have no actual knowledge about the subject.

But then I have seen alot of "trailer plans" for sale in catalogs and in ebay. They claim to explain all you need to know. Sounds easy enough, but none of these plans are for an "off-road", M416-type trailer.

So what do you think about taking a trailer plan for a 'regular' trailer and shrinking it down to off-road size?

Something like this

or like this

I don't know anything about trailer design, but I can "shrink"-- so I figure I could take a design for a larger trailer and just scale it down to an M416-like size.

I would probably want to come up with a better body, and I will probably want more lift, and maybe a pintal, but other than that a trailer is a trailer -- right?

Good idea? Bad idea?

Jul 30, 2003
I had mine about 70% of the way done when my shop burnt down. I was building my own. Its not to tuff and I think it would be cheaper in the end.

I figured out the deminsions I wanted my trailer to be and what I wanted to be able to do with it. Then I started researching axles to use. I looked at standard trailer axles and I decided to go with a torsional axle. They are pretty $$$. I was researching it on another board and found a guy there who used a early 80's subaru rear end. They are a torsional axle and attach to the frame with 4 big bolts. I picked one up at the local pull and save for 50$ with tires and wheels.

Once you get your axle measure the width of the attachment points and then make a ladder type frame from there and go with it. The cool thing is you can build it to suit your needs and wants.

I built mine 6X10 with 6ft high removable sides and top. I wanted to be able to carry two atv's in it along with any other gear I may want/need. I think it was a little large for a strictly off road trailer but it was what I needed. Good Luck with whatever you decide on.
Dec 23, 2003
Payson, AZ
thanks, dimensions are 5 ft long about 3.8 wide with a 4ft tongue. frame is 2" square .120 wall. has a tailgate too. i looked around at different axle options and decided on a 3500# trailer axle found used, i cut it down to have the same track as the pigggy. i thought about toy hubs in some fashion to have the same 6 lug pattern and spare hubs, but its not that important to me, my spare has always been a tire w/o rim anyway so i figure as long as its the same rim size. over time it will get some integrated stuff like a fold out kitchen, and a pop top to keep it sealed from the elements. but for now its just a small open trailer to haul bulky heavy items out. like firewood
Oct 5, 2003
Golden, CO
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