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Jul 7, 2005
Some of you know I've been down in Fl for a couple months. My Mom's health had taken a bad turn, and then a major turn, and she passed in late June. The rest of my family is local, so I've been playing furniture delivery person, taking heavyassed solid wood furniture all over central florida. We are getting her place ready to put on the market, and I'm sorting out my options for when we drive home.

1. Rent uhaul 6x12 tandem. Thats been the weapon of choice for the daily semi local trips. I figure it will run about 400-500 for the one way rental, given the number of days, and other misc running around there in town. But, its a uhaul

2. Purchase used enclosed trailer off Craigslist. Used trailers are stupidly priced. They either want full retail, or they are beat to heck, and still want full retail price.

3. Purchase a locally made enclosed trailer. Place has been in business for 25+ years building trailers, and I could pick up a 6x10 single (dexter 3500 lb axle), with drop gate and 32 inch rv side door, LED lighting, 3/4 inch ply floor, 3/8 ply (NO OSB) walls, and insualted roof for just under 2k new. 6x12 single runs about 2200. Id look to see if adding elec brakes to the single would be an inexpensive upgrade. No sales tax (just the NC hwy fee when I get home). 6x12 tandem with dual dexter 3500s, electric brakes, for about 3k. Prices here are about 1k lower than NC, with a bit better build quality than the high volume factory shops.

The trailer would come in handy for the big purge that has to happen at our place, as well as moving stuff to and from the storage unit, the house, and various consignment shops. Usage wouldnt be a whole lot after that. Might use it for an occasional camping trip, but that would be rare. I dont have permanent storage space for it full time at our house, and wouldnt want to pay to store it.

Input, ideas, etc would all be appreciated. Would anyone be interested in a new cargo trailer if I purchase it down here?

Can you tell im about 3 drinks in tonight? LOL
I steer clear of single axle trailers for hauling. One tire,wheel, bearing issue can be a major issue and with dual axles you have a fighting chance of getting it stopped without losing it. On a small camping trailer, sure single axle, 7K lbs in a box trailer will yank you around in a hurry in an emergency.
Tandem axle so if you loose a tier, you are not stuck with a damaged trailer.
Electric brakes b/c quickly slowing down a heavily laden trailer is not something you get a second chance to do in an emergency,

Fold down rear door makes it easier to load without having to mock up a ramp.

Get a track system installed on the floor when you get a chance, gives you unlimited versatility for securing cargo.

Get the round clamshell locks that fit over the hasps, and don't skimp.

Get a trailer tongue lock.

The side door is a bonus, but always back up the trailer to the wall of a building when traveling loaded.
Have you got two drivers? If so could you have someone drive your rig and you rent a truck? Reason being, some time ago there were large numbers of one way rentals going south and very few coming north. That resulted in stupid cheap rates for one way north bound rentals. Maybe worth a phone call or two.

Best wishes man.
I'm with Rice on this. The daily rate on a truck rental isn't too bad, it's the miles and fuel that get you. If you don't have a second driver, look into a hauler to tote your vehicle behind the truck. I'd go Penske in this case and avoid Uhaul. You can possibly get down to 25cents/mile for the distance you need to go.

Figure 10mpg on a Penske 16' and 8-9mpg on the larger box diesels exclusive of towing.

Do the math on mpg fuel cost between your vehicle, yours w/trailer + trailer cost, yours + truck rental and truck w/hauler. That oughta keep you busy!
Trust me, all the thinkin has just driven me insane..... hence now 5 drinks in ;)
Steve doing math:

If you're not going to use it a whole lot once you're back up here in NC, then how does the resale market look? Will you be close to getting your money back?

If the resale market for these trailers is not good, I'd rent one, especially if you won't get much use of it back home.
I just paid 1200 for a 1 year old 6x12 enclosed trailer, LED lights, spare tire, side door, ramp...

It was HARD to find one at that price - especially only a year old. Most were in the 1400 ish range and several years old.

Hope that helps your decision.

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