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I have a small trailer that's got a 5 lug axle on a right now. you see any reason not to use a 60 series rear axle as a replacement for the 5 lug trailer axle? this will be towed behind my 60 series so I figure the same wheelbase would be handy. As would the six lug axles and parking brake.

Any reasons not to?
you mean the whole thing? Like pumpkin and all? Seems like a lot of weight. Just get an axle from ABC Trailer Parts. Like mine was about $125 with perches and U bolts.:meh:

That would be good way to carry a spare third member. One nice thing using fj60 axles would be oil lubricated bearing. You would not have to worry about keeping the bearing greased.
trailers gonna be pretty heavy already will water cell, propane and what not. but it would pack a third member and axle shafts
What's "pretty heavy"??

Pretty heavy should have brakes...matching rims are obviously not an option, they're standard
It won't be as heavy as your trailer, at least I doubt it lol
It won't be as heavy as your trailer, at least I doubt it lol


or hoping?!? ;)

My take on the truck axle is why lose the clearance with pumpkin?, plus having addtional moving parts you dont need....and no brakes.

I guess if you can end up saving some dough in the end, that's certainly not a bad thing. The wheels bolting right up would be a homerun.
35 in tires takes care of the clearance issue. How much extra weight? 200 lbs? I am not going to put brakes on this trailer. It is going to be less than 2k lbs. Not necessary.
fj60 rear axle is not that heavy and is an non issue. Axle clearance is also a non issue with larger tires.
Not having to worry about greasing up the axle bearings is a feature I would prefer over any perceived issue of additional weight.
id go to and order up whatever axle to your exact specs - all for about $100. When i built my baja trailer, i first got a 3k rated axle, then bent it over a jump/turn. Then replaced it with a 6k lb rated one (3" steel pipe @1/4" wall) and have never had a prob since. Id think an axle from a cruiser is just unneeded weight.

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