Trailer Adapter Issues - Hazards

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Nov 28, 2008
South Carolina
I have a 73 FJ40 with a 78 2F motor - the wiring was also switched over with the engine swap - I like the old school single bulb round taillights, so bought new ones and installed. I reran the whole rear wiring - solid green in the harness went to solid green terminal on tails, and also tapped in the rear side markers. They work fine. From the original harness, I ran the green black and green yellow to the tails, and both signals work fine. Bought a trailer light converter so I could use turns and brakes - so the green white brake wire, green yellow turn and green black turn went into the 'car' side of the adaptor, leaving me with the two turn/brake wires (right and left) on the trailer side of the converter. Turns work fine (although they speed up when you use the brakes, no big deal to me), brakes are fine, markers are fine. I didn't run a dedicated ground. Only issue is when I turn the hazards on, only the fronts work - the rear hazards don't come on nor do they blink. If I bypass the converter, wire the turns directly, hazards in the rear work - so its something with the box.

Sorry, long winded, but wondering if anyone has a specific brand of converter that doesn't have this issue (i.e., hazards work, turns don't speed up when brakes are used) or know of a way to adapt what I have. We don't have vehicle inspection here so no problem with not having the rear hazards, but would like it all to work OK.

Any suggestions would be great



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