trail tools/repair kit


Mar 27, 2003
north of 49
there is no ideal trail tool/repair kit, but as I struggle to keep it in two tool boxes and three rubber maids, here is mine. I'm looking for suggestions on what I'm missing or what I don't need.

8, 10, 12, 14, 17 and 19mm open ended wrenches in stubby and regular (12 pces)
10/12/14/17mm box wrenches
monkey wrench that opens to 32mm
robogrip or similar open mouth wrench that opens to 32 mm

large/small/open mouth (pipe) vice grips
regular pliers
snap ring

8, 10, 12 mm 1/4 inch drive sockets short and deep ( 6 pces)
10, 12, 14, 17, 19mm 3/8" inch drive sockets short and deep (10 pces)
14, 17, 19mmm ½"m drive short and deep (6 pces)
21mm deep ½" socket (1 pce)
54mm hub socket (1 pce)
½" 18-24" breaker bar
1/4, 3/8 and ½ ratchets and a 3/8" wobble ratchet
3" and 6" 1/4 and 3/8" extensions
6" ½" extension
½" torque wrench
½" to 3/8" socket adaptor

4 flatheads in various sizes up to the big 18" model
3 phillips up to the 12" model
1 variable bit driver with a bit set and a long nose
metric allen key set

Heavy Crap
brass mallet
brass drift
claw framing hammer
impact driver and bits

easy outs
hacksaw w/ extra blades
magnet retrieval tool
tie rod end puller
pickle fork
propane torch attachment & sparker

cordless drill w/extra battery
maglight w/extra batteries
cobalt drill bit set up to ½"
stripper/crimper tool
replacement fuses
10/12/14 gauge wire
10/12/14/16 butt connectors
12/14 spade connectors
dieletric grease

general materials
gasket paper
white lithium grease
shop towels and rags
4 litres engine oil
4 litres premixed coolant/h20
brake fluid
1 litre gear oil
tube of axle grease
1 litre ATF
cutting fluid
penetrating oil/wd40
small propane bottle
blue silicone RTV
bailing wire :D
duct tape :D :D

one birf kit from inner axle out
plugs/plug lead set/rotor/cap
one set wheel bearings
a few random nuts and bolts
and.. the FSM :D


problems solved daily...
Oct 27, 2003
uhhhh...duh...Northern CA
you should include one of those handy tire plug kits.

Cruiserdrew carries one with him -- he's helped me out in the past.
I'll be getting one for myself shortly.
Mar 27, 2003
Somewhere in the foothills...
Throw in an assortment of turnbuckles to go along with that bailing wire. A buddy had an aluminum A/C bracket break on his FJ40. Repair/replacement was not an option as we were deep in the mountains of Colorado and a long way from home. Everyone pondered the problem for a while and they came up with an ingenious fix that not only got him through the remainder of the outing but he drove all the way back to NM with the A/C on.

An assortment of SS hose clamps and various sized hoses. On another trip, the same guy had a leaf spring problem. We fabricated a bushing using some heater hose and someone had a bolt that fit. Finished the day with no problem.

JBWeld "Quick" if it is for a trail repair that can be redone.

I didn't see a diff plug socket (26mm I think.) I'm using 10mm hex head plugs.

3M electrical tape.



Mar 27, 2003
north of 49
ahh thanks b-wulf I was wondering why I had an extra 24 mm socket in my main tool kit. the diff is why.

I will definitely add my hose clamp tupperware container (need to buy a couple of bigger clamps) and some jb weld. turnbuckles is a new one but I guess it is smarter that trying to make a spanish windlass with a bolt.

what's a tire plug kit??


Aug 21, 2003
Tijeras, NM
Holy cow, that's a lot of stuff. Then I got to looking at my stash and I'm not too far behind I guess. I try to have multiple use tools to save on weight.

- a 2.5 lb hammer with a 10" handle as my only hammer
-a tool set in a low profile molded case that fits in the rear drawer. It has lots of deep and shallow sockets/wrenches/extensions/allen wrenches/1/2",3/8",1/4" drives. This kit is augmented with one 90 deg offset box end wrench 14mm-15mm (perfect for driveshaft removals)
-a set of metriwrench impact sockets from Harbor Freight (good for metric and standard)
-metric ratcheting gear wrench set (box end at both ends).
-one large adj wrench
-2' breaker bar, 1/2" drive
-1.5' pry bar
-one DVM, one IR temp gun
-JB weld, five sticks of 3/32" welding rods (used with modified jumper cables)
-duct tape, gasket maker, bailing wire
-safety devices tire seal kit, tire inflator goo in a can
-one 10' long, 14 gauge wire coiled up with alligator clips at each end, wire stripper, small assortment of butt splicers, spade connectors.
-flashlight - Streamlight rechargeable type, small and bright, mounted inside the glove box permanently
-1/2" impact gun, 3/8" butterfly impact, tool oil in a dropper thing, coiled up air hose, tire deflators, tire press gauge, blow off gun, tire inflation chuck. The 3/8" butterfly doubles as the Margarita blender motor.
- 12vdc powered fluor work lamp (similar to the ones for garage)
-simple green wet towels in a dispenser
-small can of wd40 (for starting fluid, cutting fluid, waterproofing, lubricating, etc)
-small container of brake fluid, one ATF quart, two motor oil quarts, one gal of radiator coolant premixed with distilled h20, one small funnel with a long neck
-one MRE, first aid kit, fire extinguisher
-small butane powered torch with a solder tip. Usually used for starting camp fires more than soldering!
-usual recovery gear (shackles, straps, etc)
-one small plastic box with multiple compartments filled with various metric M8, M10, M8.8 nuts/bolts with 1.25 and 1.00 thread pitch, one lug nut
-last but not least 9MM GLOCK with one clip of hollow points, one clip of FMJs (17 round clips)


On the way there
Mar 15, 2003
Sacramento, CA
alia176 said:
-last but not least 9MM GLOCK with one clip of hollow points, one clip of FMJs (17 round clips)

Dang Ali-Every thread in chat, and we're back to gubs!:D Actually, we frequently have Jeff's 10/22 on board.

I carry tons of stuff and usually enough tools and parts to rebuild half my cruiser (working on the other half). My tool box used to be a small tool box, then a large tool box, now a large tool bag I can barely lift. I know where Land Cruiser lean comes from. Interestingly, I've used most of it, and given away lots of little parts like wheel lugs, caliper bolts, knuckle bits etc. No gubs in the cruiser yet, but I do have a small butane soldering torch with a pistol grip.:grinpimp:

If I could add to everyone's suggestions-a 12 inch piece of chain and a long bolt with washers and 2 nuts that fits through the link of the chain. It works great for repairing a broken motor mount, especially if you drive an FJ60.
Nov 30, 2004
Moncton, NB
Wow, that's a lot of stuff. I hope your truck never gets broken in to.

I would try to scale back some overlapping tools:

- Do you need to have 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2"? If you're doing trail fixes a set of wrenches and a 3/8" would work. For added toque use a cheater bar or 3/8" breaker bar. Bring along a 3/8" --> 1/2" adapter for special sockets. other wise take 2 of 3 and don't overlap sockets. For 1/4" carry 8, 9, 10, and 12 mm. For 1/2" carry 14, 17, and 19.

- Do you really need a torque wrench for trail fixes?

- A cordless impact driver will not put out more torque than a 1/2" drive and breaker bar.

- A propane torch will never get a nut/bolt hot enough to help

- And easy outs don't work for rusted bolts. They're gear more for general purpose and not automotive. They're designed for over torqued bolts that bust a head. Not for ones that are welded in place due to rust.

Everything else looks good. What about some spare heater hose, coolant hoses, and belts? I would concentrate on the things that would tend to leave me stranded if they went.


Mar 27, 2003
north of 49
OK, what is scary is that I keep forgetting stuff I already have. I do carry extra rad hose, fire extinguisher, plus zip ties, plus a funnel, plus a spark plug socket

my list was not originally covering first aid/emergency stuff. I agree with the stuff listed and add a set of triangles and flares.

Alia, your list may be heavier than mine. :D

Andrew, the chain seems like a good idea. I don't suppose 20 zip ties will hold a motor mount :D

I have given up trying to second guess where only a 1/4, 3/8 or ½ drive will work with only a short or deep socket. I just bring all of'em.

the cordless drill is for drilling out bolts or holes and always seems to find another use. not as an impact tool. it is prolly expendable.

the solid shaft easy outs are not too shabby. i agree the other ones are junk i disagree on the propane torch. it is not useless on rusted bolts and I can also use it to solder in a pinch. Oh yeah, i forgot solder!

torque wrench is prolly expendable. I bring it in case I have to swap a birf but there is no way the trail fix will be left alone when i return anyway..


Aug 21, 2003
Tijeras, NM
semlin said:
Alia, your list may be heavier than mine. :D

Yeah, no kidding...surprisingly, all of this stuff minus the oil bottles, fire extinguisher, coolant jug fit inside the rear drawer :D And my drawer height is shallower than most!

Nov 30, 2004
Moncton, NB
Semlin, I agree it's better to be prepared. If you have the room take everything.

I never thought about breaking a bolt and using the cordless drill to get it out. Do you drill out the treads and then tap it? Or do the easy out actually get the broken part out? I have a few snapped bolts that I have to fix, eventually.
May 19, 2004
Los Angeles
My moto is be over prepared, because you never know whats going to happen. Semilin, I like this thread going to put it in the FAQ if you don't mind.
Jan 12, 2006
San Diego
My favorite: Snake bite kit

If you're in the southwest, you'll be a hero when you finally whip it out for someone.
Oct 11, 2005
Pretty good equipment list

Front Seat Area

Glove Box
Advil, small dispencer
Book, survival/medical
Maintenance log

Gear Shift Deck
Cell phone charger

Center Top Elbow Compartment
Note pad

Center Bottom Elbow Compartment
Most of the time the glock and two clips (no clip in gun)
LED tac light (2)
Tums, small dispencer

Driver Door Compartment
Hands free kit for cell
Thermometer/compass small combo tool
Walking stick next to seat

Passenger Door Compartment
Mag light 4d
Tire deflaters
Tire pressure guage
Wine key

Driver Seat Back Net
Knot book

Back Seat Area

Passenger Seat Back Net
Small kids games
Diapers (behind baby seat)
Wipes (behind baby seat)

Back Seat Driver Side
Fire extinguisher

Cargo Area

Cargo Bulkhead Driver Side Compartment
Jack, small with accessories
Jumper cables

Tool Bag
Breaker bar, (cheater bar), fits over all sockets and wrenches
Hammer, medium, claw
Hex wrench, angle (allen) metric and standard
Pliers, needle nose, med regular, snap ring,
Ratchets, 3/8 and ½ socket
Screwdrivers, short and long, cross head and flat
Sockets, adaptors,1/4m" to 1/2f", 1/2m" to 3/8f", 3/8m" to 1/2f"
Sockets, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19mm 3/8" inch drive sockets short and deep (10 pces)
Sockets, 21mm deep ½" socket (1 pce)
Sockets, 3" and 6" 1/4 and 3/8" extensions
Sockets, 54mm hub socket (1 pce)
Sockets, 8, 10, 12 mm 1/4 inch drive sockets short and deep ( 6 pces)
Vice grips, large and small
Wrenches, 7-27mm, stubby and regular (no need for 15,18,23,25)
Wrenches, adjustable (cresent) small, med and large
Wrenches, metric ratcheting gear set (box end at both ends)

Electrical Box
14 guage wire (25 ft)
Wires with alligator clips
Splices, butt (inline wire connector)
Spade connectors (pickel fork shaped)
Stripper/crimper tool

Map/Documents Bag
NM Topo/road map
Lexus maintenance guide
Mechanical Pencil
Topo quad UTM grid overlays
Maps for individual trips

Random Big Tools
Bungee cords
Ratchet straps
Come along

Main Box, grey plastic
In order to more easily inventory this box, an IOU log is used to track what consumables are removed.

Clean Box (Hygine/First Aid Items)
Baby wipes
Conditioner (small)
Cotton Balls
Dental floss
Feminine hygiene supplies
Fingernail clippers
Insect repellent
Lip stuff
Mirror small (signaling)
Organic/biodegradable soap
Shampoo (small)
Sun screen
Unisex deodorant

Medical Bag (Red Hip Pack inside clean box)

A & D ointment
Alcohol pads
Pain/antibacterial spray
Tea tree oil

Aspirin with codeine
Diarrhea medicine
Electrolyte replacement powder
Pepto Bismal chewable
Cold pack
Cotton balls
Eye drops
Gloves, rubber (4 sets)
Hot pack (chem hand warmers work)
Plant irritant cream/wipes (oak, ivy)

First aid book
Scissors, medical
Snake bite kit
Wound Dressing
Band-Aids (good assortment)
Gauze (2-inch sterile(5) 4-inch sterile (5))
Liquid band aid (or super glue)
Tape, medical
Wound cleaner, foaming


Hardware box
Fix a flat
Motor oil,Quart
Brake parts cleaner (small)
Brake fluid
Fire starter solid fuel (trioxane tabs)
Fire tender (trioxane,starter tabs,used dryer lint in film canister)
Gasket maker
Grease, white lithium
JB Weld
Sterno, one can
Super glue
WD-40 (Cleaning, starting , cutting , waterproofing, lubricating)
Batteries (4)D, (4)AA, (4)AAA, (1)9v
Bailing wire
Candle refills (2) in plastic bag
Chem. lights
Chemical hand warmers
Duct tape
Electrical tape
Nuts n bolts: M8, M10, M8.8 nuts/bolts with 1.25 and 1.00 thread pitch
Parachute cord (50ft)
Paper shop towels
Spark plug wire, one, long
Spark plugs, 2
Trash bags
Zip lock bags
Zip ties
12vdc/120vac converter
Can opener (P38)
Eyeglasses, spare (in a case)
Funnel, long neck
Hose clamps various sizes
Magnifying glass
Saw, Folding, wood
Sharpening stone
Torch, small butane
Tubing, clear plastic, 5 ft

Mini tackle box
Fishing line (wraped around bolt to save spool space)
Bait (non-perishable)
Weights (assorted sizes)
Bobbers (two small)

Sewing kit
Buttons (assorted sizes)
Needles (assorted sizes)
Safety Pins
Thread, military
Scissors (small high quality)

Recovery Box
D-Ring shackles
Hi-lift bumper adapter
Hitch and pin
Tow Strap (2)

Soft Bag (small green duffel)
Bandanas (4)
Blanket (2, fleece)
Foil blanket
Gloves, leather mechanics (on top of bag under bungie)
Light warm gloves (2adult,2kid)
Pants (2adult,2kid)
Ponchos (2adult, 2kid)
Socks (2adult,2kids)
Towel (2, as per HGTTG)
Underwear (2adult,2kid
Warm hats (2adult,2kid)
Warm long sleeve shirt (2 adult, 2kid)
Web belt and clasp

Emergency Food/Water Bag
Water treatment pills
Water (8qt 2qt/day/person)
Food (5000 cal 1200cal/day/person)
Hard candy (small bag)
Power bars (4)
Soup cans (2)

Outside on rack
High lift
Oct 11, 2005
Heres the header for the list above. It wouldnt fit! LOL

Truck Gear List
The general philosophy of the well stocked truck is three fold. One, the truck should hold most of the everyday quick convenience things that you might need most anytime. Second, getting stranded. If the truck gets stranded with four people, it should hold everything they would need to survive one day in a wilderness environment. Once a year on Jan 1, food and water should be rotated out. Third, repair. The truck should be self sufficient in any environment and hold necessary tools and hardware to repair most breakdowns (and help others less prepared).


Dain Bramaged Member
Jun 23, 2005
Reno, NV
I didn't see a rachet strap on anybodys list. These work great to stop a wheel from drooping when you jack your rig to work on a broken birf. Also useful for broken motor mounts.

Which reminds me I need to replace mine, I gave it away last wekend to a stranger who had lost one of his ATV tie downs.


Long ago TLCA# 2231
Jun 17, 2005
UpState Ny, Wells Me
that is way too much stuff....all ya need is an OEM Tool Kit....

come on now !
it takes so much less room than all that stuff.
:) :) :)

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