Trail Run This Weekend

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he evidently wants a private invitation ;)

now if I had a phone number :rolleyes:

No, a new thread for the new RUN would have sufficed.
You could PRIVATE MESSAGE me. Punks. ;p

I really don't expect a phone call for every run, and I'll try to read every word of every 'dead' thread for 'old' runs just in case you guys decide to double up again to save Woody some bandwidth or something (GAAAAHHHHHH!!!). But if you really want people to have a chance, a new thread would be great.

I'm not nearly as upset as the text might seem to indicate. Just jonesing for a run (which I thought I had made clear earlier in the thread, but apparently NOT) (oh crap, there I go again, getting all melodramatic) and hoping not to miss the next one.

-Spike [simmah down now]
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Spike have a :beer:

OH, did I mention we had a blast! ;p :D And we missed you, even waited a bit at the meet spot thinking you might show.:frown:
:beer: :D

As Michael said it's very tight, had to plan the line onto the next rock and come off of the rock we were on at the right angle, there was little or no room to maneuver between them.

ehh thats just cause you dont want to dent the rig,,,, i see a football field to play in:flipoff2:
Now that looks like sumtin I coulda been down fur. I spent the weekend working on the casa. I figure about 5 more solid weekends and my outside remodel is done. Putting in new windows, doors, insulation, house wrap and siding and then caulking and painting is a lot of work, but I'm 2/3rds done now.
/me looks around

Nothing new here, right?

/me shrugs

Hey Kevin....a was checking out your route on the TNF Map....where exactly is the super bad (Rocker Panel Pass) part? Along 1453? On 160 WEST of the 160-1453 junction?

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