Trail Run This Weekend

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Jun 5, 2006
Sonoran Paradise
There has been some stuff bantered about on a run this weekend, Saturday CK, Friday/Sunday...

I want to get out for a run any of these times - anyone up for it?
Thinking about going out to goof around at either Sycamore or some other place on Friday or Sunday. I'll post up if we figure something out.

Gotta rewire the 40 rear lighting on Thursday so it's still kinda up in the air.
I'm in for a Sunday run. Can't do Fri. or Sat.- got Daddy duty.

I maybe out in Florence Junction.....If I can finish the F'n buggy. Planning to run Lower Woodpecker first, then see from there. If all goes well in Lower, I'd guess middle then maybe Highway to Hell. Just depends though. I've got a lot to do and not enough time. I'm hoping for Sunday, but I still have to reassemble the interior, put on panels, bleed the full hydro, finish up the pedal assemblies, bleed the clutch, etc.

Don't know if I'll make it, but I can post up if anyone's interested.

&*^%! I would really like to go. Three weeks of hell and my time will free up alot!

After turkey day wheeling! The trail is the backway to Crown King, looks like we are going to have great weather, forcast for a high of 62F.

Meeting at; The Chevron gas station on Carefree Highway, east of I-17 at 8:45AM, pull out at 9:00AM. There is a grocery store, fast food restaurant, etc., in the strip mall.

CB channel; 4

Pink arrow marks the meeting place;

Woohoo, I'm there!
Ugh, I pussed out - anything else going on this weekend?
Ugh, I pussed out - anything else going on this weekend?

Missed a fun run today!:D

The talk on the trail, was to go in Sycamore then play on 1453 and return to Beeline on 160 at Mesquite wash, on Sunday.
The plan is to go in Upper Sycamore then play on 1453 and return to Beeline on 160 at Mesquite wash. None of us have been there, so no idea of trail difficulty, or if we will make it the whole way.

Meeting at the Baja gas station across from the casino on Beeline HWY, a couple of miles after Shea Blvd turn off, at about 8:30 in the morning. For any far east valley guys, alternate meeting places would be, the Bush HWY/Saguaro Lake turn off, or Sugarloaf/Sycamore turnoff.
The group for Crown King was Claudia, Michael, Rob, Sue and I, perfect weather made for a fun day. Unfortunately the trail has been aggressively bladed to Fort Misery, in several places they bladed the obstacles, leaving the old bypass as the "hard line".:confused: :mad:
One of the downsides of the grading is greatly increased traffic, in the old days when you arrived at painted rocks the washouts told you that this road isn't maintained and more drivers took another route. Now it's a smooth as the rest of Cow Creek and more drivers are continuing only to get in trouble after Fort Misery and by then they have made it most of the way, so the top part is heavily rock stacked. When your on the same trail as stock quad cab stupid duties, with running boards, you know your on the wrong trail!:eek: :crybaby:
Unfortunately we had carnage!:eek: Michael sat on a cactus and Claudia had to remove the offending spines.:eek:

We had a first, when we drive through Fort Misery a heep group was having lunch, one of their dogs started following Claudia! It was a well trained trail dog and followed her truck where ever it went, so she had to turn around and lead it back to it's group.

After Fort Misery we started hearing rumors of a truck blocking the trail near Oro Belle. The story we heard was, a Ford pickup had a flat, put on the spare only to have another flat, then tried to drive on the flat only to have it come apart and rip the brake line off, so it was abandoned in the trail.:rolleyes: We didn't want to deal with another traffic jam, so we went around the back way through Minnehaha flat, easy trail with a bunch of cool looking side trails and mines. We didn't have time to explore any of them, so another trip is needed!

Check out the rock stack in the pic of Claudia, that's the step in the creek after Fort Misery. The step is completely filled! :mad:
Awesome trails today!:cool: Same group as Friday, we started at Sycamore and found a way to Mesquite wash, not on the trails we thought, but made it work. After Sycamore it was some high ridge running then some trail 42 type cross axle, wheel lift stuff. Killer scenery the whole way.:D
Back into Sycamore, a bunch of water crossings and out to the highway at Mesquite wash. These signs were at all of the trail heads, don't know that they are doing any good. From our observations Bud Light is the beer of choice on AZ trails, by far the most popular litter.:mad:

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