Trail Recovery kit - what is name and where

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Dec 23, 2002
Hey PMC folks...

can someone provide info on those Trail recovery kits that some great member has been donating to the raffle?

This is the spill recovery kit.

please help.


Hi Tony-
I brought the Trail Pails Spill Kits to the meeting.

The kits are made/Distibuted by Blue Devil Products
The Owner is Mark Rasmussen
Here is his website:

Mark Donated 2 Trail Pails to our club raffle. I bought 2 from him, one for myself and one more donated to the raffle.

Great product with all the spill stuff and patch items on one kit. The kits come in various sizes small to large. Every trail leader, if not vehicle, should have one or something similar in there rig.

One of the 4 wheel magazines did a small write up on them recently, can't remember which one.

The company also donates 5% of each trail pail sale to Blue Ribbon.

Dave Thomas
see if he will donate to the swap meet and get some flyers for the bags at gate

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