trail recommendations near sugarpine reservior? (NE of Auburn, CA)

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Mar 30, 2012
Davis, CA
Going family camping at sugarpine reservoir which is NE of Auburn on Foresthill road. It is at the very west edge of the Tahoe National Forest.

I am looking for tips for any easy/moderate trails in the area to break in my kids to wheeling and get used to my new-to-me 80.

2.5 OME heavy, 33" duratracs, open diffs, no sliders, front and rear bumpers, 10k winch.

Just looking to have a little fun :p

Appreciate any tips.

Not much for wheeling up there, you can take them down finning mill rd it's a pretty long dirt road with alot of turn offs with lots of smaller trails
Hmmm, not really any 4x4x stuff out there near sugar pine res. just dirt roads, and a lot of dirt bike trails.

If you want 4 wheel you would have to go up HWY80 to Eagle Lakes rd, soom nice trails there.

The American fire is going on up there right now in foresthill up by deadwood rd...lots of smoke....

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