Trail Crew 2007 Safety Picnic & BBQ

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Sep 18, 2004
We are planning the annual safety picnic. Similar to last year, let's get this done before the Rubithon. I was thinking Saturday June 2, 2007 at 10:00. The goal is to open this up to members, non-members and other clubs throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura. Although the Lakeview Terrace park was nice, we're looking for a centrally located safe and clean park that could accomodate parking for about 25 rigs and families. Any ideas? We want to get the word out soon so that folks can join us. If you know the whereabouts of some of the original or lost members, let them know and see if there interested in coming out for a day.

If you are willing to jump in and help out, please let me know and we'll plug you in. There's plenty to do to make this a success.

Mark Watkins

Mark, I don't know what park would be more 'centrally located' as far as our diverse membership goes. The Lakeview Terrace location is convenient from the standpoint of being freeway close for many members.

There have been a number of car events held in the Sepulveda Dam rec area a little further west. Would be a little MORE convenient for guys like Chad and I, little difference for Phil, Dave and Ross, but more of a drive for you, Art, John H., John N and the rest. That's the only suggestion I could come up with at 11:53pm!


Mark A.

P.S. as before, I'd be happy to help with an awning, tables and ice chest.
Saturday's are out for me but Sunday are good!

Well whats the story?
well, the story is there seems to be a lack of participation and interest. I made alternative plans for the Eastern Sierra's to fish that weekend. After posting up here on MUD and through the yahoo group, other than Mark Algazy, no one in the club spoke up.

Well whats the story?
I thought you just made the plans and we would all show up.... I told you I would help in any way I could.
I thought you just made the plans and we would all show up.... I told you I would help in any way I could.

He and Art did that. It was called CALICO, and it was COOL! With the other stuff Mark's tried to put together with USFS, becoming West Coast TLCA individual rep,yada, yada, I think it's a bit much to dump this on him as well Dave. You know the routine as well as I do. Same show of hands month after month.

I couldn't volunteer for much more than helper myself, as I've been struggling with some serious mental sheit lately.

So where does this leave us?:confused:

BTW, June 2nd is off the table for me: family wedding.
I didnt "dump"it on him, he asked if he could do it.
What does Calico have anything to do with our saftey picnic?
dont get me wrong calico was a Great event.... but its not what I'm talking about.
And I didnt tell him to become the western rep either.... It is good that he has stepped up to help where he can, I was just asking about the picnic.
:mad:It's naive to think that I'd set it all up and hope that others will show while a club of 30+ active and unactive members stand by and watch without committing as an attendee or helper.:mad: Last years picnic and Calico were successful because a committee of volunteers worked together to make it happen.

Nothing was dumped on me; I volunteered after Ian didn't have the time. Again, I posted up in here on the yahoo groups and had absolutely zero interest for the picnic from anyone other than Mark Algazy. I have other life challenges with responsibilities and priorities right now aside from land cruisers. Sorry, but I think it's time that someone else step up to the plate and P-A-R-T-I-P-A-T-E to make this happen.


Hey Mark, when the phone rings...A N S W E R I T...I hate answering machines.Call and we will discuss the picnik
Hey Mark, when the phone rings...A N S W E R I T...I hate answering machines.Call and we will discuss the picnik

PM me your ph# and I'll call you when I have a week!;p Or, I'll see you on Tuesday at the meeting!;)

Not to hijack the thread, but as far as the phone goes, it's gone from being a lifeline to kind of a shock collar. I've been doing my best to avoid it and get work done. I've got WAY TOO MUCH work going on. I've been 'short' with a few people lately, til I realized that I'm better off not answering at all.

THe safety picnic has been set for Tuesday AUgust 7th, 6pm at the standard meeting place. There will be food served.

We discussed several dates and finally decided that the regular meeting would be the best place to do this, and since it takes some time to go thru the vehicles, it wouldn't matter if some of the peeps didn't make it until the regular 7pm meeting time.

As always, any volunteers will be helpful.:)
Safety Picnic

Hi guys!
I am new to this, but what is safety picnic? Is it like a tech inspection of your TLC before you can join any run?

Yes it is our annual safety inspection of rigs....
you are welcome to attend, hope to see you there.
as you are well aware... yes jeeps are allowed to attend....maybe just not yours....just kidding. see you there
Thanks Dave,
See you all there! BTW, am I the only 100 series owner in the group that actually go off roading? I don't see any 100 series in any of the trail run pictures.

I dont think anybody has a 100. Either way you are welcome.
Steve… brian here :) did you buy joe’s beige 100 with the sliders or get your own?

You’ll be in good hand with the trail crew :cheers: I’ll be up I the sierra’s that weekend or I would try to stop by.

Check out SC 80’s lots of wagon and 100 on the last run

Consider joining TLCA organization

Take care

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