!TRADE! My 85 FJ60 for your Pickup.

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Well, I have a 1986 Toyota pickup, 4x4, 5 speed, standard cab, no P/S, no A/C, totally stock except for CD player and 31x1050 BFG ATs on white wagon wheels.

Truck is white, paint is original.

Lived in Colorado all of it's life, then two years in Texas and now sits in a Barn in McPherson, Kansas and is VERY well maintained.

Has a little rust in rear quarters, but no cancer and a clean frame etc.

Never wrecked.

22R motor, and 120K miles I believe. Oh, and it has a black truck cap for the rear, with side windows, in good condition.

I could only trade straight across.

Let me know.
I have an 81 Toyota 2WD factory diesel pick-up. L diesel, 5 speed, AC, no PS, odometer shows 97K, but there is no 100's position so don't know if it is acurate. Runs and drives great. I get between 30 - 35 MPG depending on how I drive it. Two small rust holes in the bed (1 quarter size and 1 dime size). No other rust on the vehicle. Decent red paint, but its faded. Let me know if you are interested and I will take pics. I would like to see some pics of yours as well.
I've pm'd both of you. Thanks!
My 86...Im in Texas..pm if interested Thx
hilux5 001.jpg
hilux5 009.jpg
Hey Texx,

I got you pm'd!

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