Trade my 80 for a solid Daily Driver

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Jun 30, 2003
So, most of you know I have been trying to sell my truck. Most of you also know of my really high asking price. I admit it. I am happy to talk about my reasoning and logic in person but the main reason is, I need a safe, reliable daily driver. For this reason, I can't let the 80 go for too little $$$ because then I can't get the DD that suits the :princess: needs. Since people don't have lots of cash sitting around these days I thought I would offer out a straight up trade.

Obviously I will still sell the truck outright or trade for aFJ Cruiser, Highlander, 100 series, 4runner, Tahoe, Yukon etc... Cash can be exchanged either way, I am open to options. I am not looking for something on anything over 33's.

Details about the truck>>>


Truck: 1997 Toyota Landcruiser
Mileage: 115,000-ish
Location: Austin, TX

This truck is a 1997 Toyota Landcruiser FZJ 80 with factory front and rear locking differentials. The standard package on the 1997 FZJ 80 Landcruiser includes ABS brakes, tinted glass, intermittent wipers front and rear, cruiser control, power windows/locks, auto off headlamps & rear defrost.

The options that are included on this truck are: leather seating, power titl/sliding moonroof, aluminum wheels, front/rear locking differentials, VIP security system and lastly, floor mats.

All of the parts & maintenance that are listed below have been completed in the last year or less. The cooling, brake and air conditioning work was all completed in April.

As you can see, there were no shortcuts taken and no expense spared when building up this truck as a very competent expedition and wheeling truck. The body is straight as an arrow and there is no rust.

It has been offroad only a handful of times.

To sell outright, $17,500 firm. Anything under that and it's not worth me selling it.

Cooling System:
  • OEM 3 core Radiator
  • OEM (All) heater hoses
  • OEM Fanclutch
  • OEM T-stat
  • PHH install complete
  • Toyota red coolant

  • OEM Tie rod ends
  • OEM tie rod
  • OEM drag link ends
  • Slee HD drag link
  • OEM steering box

  • OEM ABS actuator
  • OEM ABS sensors (all 4)
  • OEM ABS front wiring harness
  • OEM ABS rear wiring harness (d-side)
  • OEM 100 series front brake pads
  • OEM rear pads
  • Slee extended SS brake lines from the frame to the axle AND from the axle to the caliper (complete kits)
  • DBA slotted rotors in the front
  • OEM rear rotors
  • Adjusted rear LSPV (for lift)

Air Conditioning:
  • OEM A/Compressor with clutch
  • OEM A/C condensor
  • OEM A/C dryer

  • Slee 4" lift
  • Old Man Emu long travel shocks
  • Old Man Emu steering stabilizer
  • Slee HD drag ling
  • Slee castor correction plates (welded)
  • Slee font pandhard adjustable
  • Slee rear panhard adgustable
  • Slee front and rear swat bar drop kits
  • Slee 2" drop bumpstops in the rear

Axles & Differentials:
  • Precision 4:88 gears installed professionally
  • Complete front axle rebuild at the time w/ all OEM bearings and seals
  • Rear axle rebuild at the same time with all OEM parts
  • Mobile 1 syn. in the diffs.
  • Transmission flush by dealer
  • OEM Center diff lock switch installed

Electrical & Lighting:
  • HIR high and low beam bulbs installed
  • Lightforce 240s with clear and yellow covers
  • Slee headlight harness
  • Slee aux. light harness
  • OEM interior aux. light swtich
  • Hella interior map/reading light
  • Hell Roaring dual battery system
  • Optima Yellow top primary battery (as recommended by Hellroaring)
  • Optima Red top secondary battery (as recommended by Hellroaring)
Bumpers, Armor & Tire Carrier:
  • ARB front bumper (winch ready)
  • Slee A/C dryer skid plate
  • IPOR (Iron Pig Offroad) rear bumper with tire carrier
  • IPOR skid plate

Tires & Wheels:
  • Toyo MTs (35's) on grey powder coated OEM alloy wheels (1 matching Toyo MT on stock spare)

  • Scangauge II
  • Fuel pump and associated parts inc. sock.
  • Alpine CD plater with MP3 player, ipod hook up and Sirius sat. radio
  • Entire floor of the truck, front to back got Dynamat Extreme covering
  • Rear roll cage which serves as a great tie down spot and a barrier for the dog
  • Outback systems rear drawer
  • Aftermarket speakers front and rear with a decent amplifier
  • OEM cup holder
  • Custom sliders
  • Custom exhaust, tucked up and away
  • Extended diff breathers all the way up into the top of the engine bay
  • Vintage Toyota badging

More pics here: 1997 FZJ80 for Sale
heh... I should have known that was coming...

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